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All voting-age residents of the Village of Winnetka, the Winnetka Parks District, the Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District and the Winnetka D36 School District are members of the Winnetka Caucus.


The Winnetka Caucus Council (WCC) is a non-partisan group of volunteers who represent the Caucus and serve as a liaison between its residents and the four Boards that comprise Winnetka's government - Village Council, Parks, Schools, and Library. Four residents from each of Winnetka's 16 districts, and up to four at-large members serve on the Council for up to three consecutive years, with an optional fourth. 

Each Caucus Council member serves on one Major Committee (Village Candidates, Village Platforms, Schools, Parks, Library) and one Standing Committee (Finance & Fundraising, Communications, Rules, New Trier Nominators in even years).

More information about how the Winnetka Caucus works can be found on our list of Frequently Asked Questions.



In 1915, a group of leaders "grieving over the nonsense of municipal elections in which, except for personalities, there were no real issues", organized what today is the Caucus Council.  It's been more than a century since Winnetka officially adopted the Caucus form of non-partisan self-government where everyone who has a vote has a voice. 

2015 marked the 100 year anniversary of Winnetka Caucus Council.

Learn more about  the fascinating history and famous families of the Winnetka at the Winnetka Historical Society website.

Read about the state of the Caucus system on the North Shore in 1976 in an article by Clarice Stetter, then editor for the Illinois Voter and the Suburban Tribune.


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The Executive Committee Oversees and supports the work of the Village committees - Major Committees and the Standing Committees. It is comprised of the Council Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and the Chairs of each of the Major and Standing Committees.

Council Chair: Peter Eck

Vice Chair: Betsy Owens

Treasurer: Doug Sutton

Communications Chair: Jan Bawden

Rules Chair: Kathy Hamburger


Major Committee Chairs also serve on the Executive Committee


Village Platform: Thomas Kehoe

Village Slating: Ian Larkin

Schools: Stanton Anderson

Parks: Alex Ross

Library: Laura Freechack

standing committeeS

The Standing Committees include the Rules, Communications and New Trier Township High School Caucus Nominators Committee (in even numbered years).  The Standing Committees handle the day-to-day operations of the WCC.


Here's the rest of the roster.



The policies and procedures of the Winnetka Caucus Council. What we do, how we do it, and when it needs to be done. It's all right here. Got more questions? Check out our FAQ's here.




Policies and Procedures of the Winnetka Caucus Council

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Winnetka's Distrip Map. Which district are you in?

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Current members and their committee assignments.

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