"The aim of this Caucus is to bring together a representative body of citizens, fairly harmonious with respect to policies in order that a ticket of fit candidates, standing for those policies, may be presented to the voters."

 - 1925 Caucus Council Platform

The 2022 Caucus Survey Results are In! 

Take a bow, Winnetka! More than 1,200 of you responded.

We'll be posting the results in the next few weeks. 
Check back often.

We had over 1,200 residents take the 2022 survey and we are grateful for your feedback.


This is an increase of responses from last year and we appreciate the time that you all took to help us spread the word.


We'll be posting the raw results at https://www.winnetkacaucus.org in the weeks ahead and we'll also be sharing summaries of the results that will inform the platforms and candidate slating in the year ahead.

Winnetka Caucus Council

For more than 100 years, the Winnetka Caucus Council has been the single most important way for residents to voice their opinions and help make the policy that keeps Winnetka the place generations come home to.


 Winnetka Caucus Council represents your voice. Together we can impact our community in a positive way.