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"The aim of this Caucus is to bring together a representative body of citizens, fairly harmonious with respect to policies in order that a ticket of fit candidates, standing for those policies, may be presented to the voters."

 - 1925 Caucus Council Platform

2022 Fall Town Hall - Huge Success!

Thank you, Winnetka! You showed up, voiced your vote, and made this Town Hall the most successful Zoom meeting ever.

How did you vote? Results here.

Missed the meeting? Watch it here(Passcode: 7jdu*Z6R)

Winnetka Caucus Council

For more than 100 years, the Winnetka Caucus Council has been the single most important way for residents to voice their opinions and help make the policy that keeps Winnetka the place generations come home to.


 Winnetka Caucus Council represents your voice. Together we can impact our community in a positive way. 

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