During the first part of the year, the committees explore issues of concern to both the community and the boards, and then seek the community's input on the Annual Survey.  After reviewing survey results and other input from residents, the Major Committees draft Caucus Platforms, which serve as guidelines for the four Village Boards.  We also hold a Spring Town Hall Meeting during which elected leaders answer residents’ questions. 


During the second part of the year, the committees recruit, interview and slate candidates for any open positions on the four boards. At the Fall Town Hall Meeting, platforms are presented and candidate slates are approved by the community.



Spring Town Hall

Each Spring the Caucus gathers for an Elected Leaders forum, where elected representatives from each of our four Village Boards gather to share their insights, provide updates on key issues, and answer questions of the community. 

Fall Town Hall

Each November the Caucus gathers to hear the Caucus Platforms, meet the candidates being slated for the various boards, and vote to approve those candidate slates. 


The Annual Survey is usually conducted during June. Up to two heads of households can complete the survey. Residents are notified of the survey via mail, temporary yard signs and e-mail alerts. The survey is open for about two weeks, after which the WCC Major Committee begin their work of analyzing the results and creating the platforms for each Village Board.


Village Platforms are put forth every year, with platforms for Schools, Parks and Library put forth in odd-numbered years, and revised in even years if the WCC Major Committee feels it necessary to do so.

Older survey results and platforms are available at the

Winnetka Historical Society



Each year, WCC slates qualified candidates for any open positions on the four Village Boards by carefully reviewing each of the applicant’s written responses to the application, conducting in person interviews and checking references.


The approved slate of candidates is then presented to the full Caucus for final approval at the Annual Town Meeting in the fall.  WCC then supports the slated candidates in the upcoming election.


"The aim of this Caucus is to bring together a representative body of citizens, fairly harmonious with respect to policies in order that a ticket of fit candidates, standing for those policies, may be presented to the voters."

1925 Caucus Council Platform


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