Platform & Surveys

One of the Caucus Council's main functions is to develop the Caucus Platforms.   We do this, in part, through our annual survey to ascertain public opinion related to issues affecting the Village, Parks, Schools and Library.  Our survey questions are developed by the Caucus Committees and we use a professional electronic survey company to administer the survey and collect the results.

In late August, households receive a postcard with instructions on how to access and complete the survey and their household's Unique Survey Code. Per Caucus rules, up to two heads-of-households per household can complete the survey;  surveys with invalid codes, more than two entries per code or incomplete surveys were omitted from our survey results.   The survey closes in mid-September and the Caucus committees begin their work to analyze the results and incorporate residents' views, along with other information as they deem appropriate, into developing the Platform. 

The Platforms are presented to the Caucus Council for final approval at the Fall Caucus Council meeting.  All Village residents are encouraged to attend the Annual Caucus Town Meeting in November to help ensure the platforms reflect the views of the community.

Click on the links to the left to view our current or past platforms, surveys or to suggest a question for a future survey. 

Photo courtesy of the Winnetka Historical Society