Our Mission

"The aim of this Caucus is to bring together a representative body of citizens, fairly harmonious with respect to policies in order that a ticket of fit candidates, standing for those policies, may be presented to the voters."
-1925 Caucus Council Platform


What is the Caucus Council?

The work of the Caucus is carried out by the 68-member Caucus Council. Four residents from each of Winnetka's 16 precincts, and up to four at-large members from Northfield and Glencoe serve on the Council for up to three years each. Any voting-age resident of Winnetka, or of the Winnetka Park or Library districts can serve.

The Caucus Council is the community's liaison to the four Boards that comprise Winnetka's government - Village Council, Parks, Schools and Library Boards. The Caucus Council is divided into committees. During the first part of the year, the committees explore issues of concern to both the community and the boards, and then seek the community's input on the Annual Survey. During the second part of the year, the committees recruit, interview and slate candidates for any open positions on the four boards. The committees also develop platforms based on the annual survey results. The platforms serve as guidelines for the four boards. If you have a concern or know of a qualified candidate, please contact us.

The Caucus Council sponsors the two town meetings, runs the Annual Survey, slates candidates, and writes the platforms by which the Village boards are guided.  More information about how the Winnetka Caucus works can be found on our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What can you do?

  • Participate - Complete the Annual Survey and attend the Spring and Winter Town Meetings.  You are also invited to join the Caucus Council.
  • Nominate - Select yourself or recommend a fellow resident for a position on the Caucus Council or one of the village boards.  All voting-age residents in Winnetka should serve two or three years on the Caucus Council.
  • Donate - The Caucus Council is non-partisan and relies soley on your donations. We invite you to help us continue this important work by making a donation to the Caucus Council.  Every donation makes a difference.  Please send your donations to:

Winnetka Caucus
PO Box 311
Winnetka, IL 60093 

Join the Caucus Council!

The Winnetka Caucus Council operates through the hard work and diligence of its volunteers. 

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