Caucus Calendar

2014 Calendar: Full Winnetka Caucus Calendar

Our calendar will be updated throughout the year as additional meetings and communications are planned.


Caucus Executive Committee:

September 15, Community House @ 7pm

October 20, Community House @ 7pm

November 17, Community House @ 7pm

December 15, Community House @ 7pm

2014 Annual Winnetka Caucus Survey

Welcome to the 2014 Annual Winnetka Caucus survey.  To get started please click on the following link:

2014 Annual Winnetka Caucus Survey

Prior to starting please ensure that you have your unique survey code, which is printed on the postcard that you recently recieved in the mail. The survey should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. If you cannot locate your survey code or have any questions please email us at 

The survey is open from September 1 until September 15.


Call for Candidates.

Seeking candidates for Village President, Village Trustee, and Library, Parks and Schools Board

The Winnetka Caucus Council is actively seeking candidates to serve as Village President, Village Trustee or members of the Library, Parks or Schools boards.  We will be contacting potential candidates this summer to schedule interviews.

If you are interested in serving, or would like to recommend someone, please click on the link below to provide basic contact information to us. We want to be sure we are able to contact everyone who is interested or recommended, so please be prepared to provide the best email and phone number for this purpose.

2014 Village Board Interest Form

Thank you for your support of the Winnetka Caucus Council and this important nomination process.  Please feel free to contact the appropriate committee chair with any questions.

Bill Johnson, Chair of the Village Candidates

Jean Farnsworth, Chair of the Library

Jude Offerle, Chair of the Parks committee:

Chris Cahill, Chair of the Schools committee:

2013 Survey Results and Platforms

To review the survey and platforms please click on the respective link:

Survey Results

The Caucus Platforms