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Thursday, Nov 2 - Full Caucus Meeting at Winnetka Community House

Tuesday, Nov 14 - Fall Townhall Meeting - Hubbard Woods School


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2017 WCC Endorsed Candidates 

Penny Lanphier

Penny Lanphier has lived in Winnetka for over 30 years, serving as a Village Trustee from 1995 to 1999 and from 2016 to the present.  During her tenure as a Village Trustee, she has served on the Village Plan Commission.  She is the co-author of the Winnetka 2020 Comprehensive Plan, which is the plan that guides residential and business land use decisions by the village government.  Penny has also served as a member of the District 36 School Board (from 2001 to 2009), during which time she served two years as as its president and vice-president.  Penny has also been an active member in a number of community organizations, serving on the Winnetka Caucus Council, the Crow Island Stewardship Group, the Winnetka-Kenilworth-Northfield League of Women Voters, and the boards of the Winnetka Community House and the Winnetka Historical Society.  Prior to her service with the Village, Penny worked as a research associate for the Metropolitan Planning Council, working on public transportation and public health issues.  Before moving to the area, Penny was a development officer for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  She is a graduate of Princeton University and has completed coursework in Public Policy Analysis at the Claremont Graduate School.  


John Swierk

 John Swierk and his wife, Rosemary, have lived in Winnetka since 2003. Rosemary was raised in Winnetka. Their two children, Lauren and Kacie, are both graduates of Washburne and New Trier.  A lifelong resident of Illinois, John attended Maine South High School before obtaining a degree in Architecture from The Illinois Institute of Technology. Since 1989, John has been the founder and President of DDCA Architects. DDCA Architects is a full service architectural firm serving commercial clients across the United States. Swierk’s past public appointments include: City of McHenry Zoning Board of Appeals (1990 – 2002), McHenry County Building Code of Appeals (1995-2002), Village of Winnetka Design Review Board Member (2006- 2011), Village of Winnetka Design Review Chairman (2011-2017), Village of Winnetka Trustee (July 2017-). John’s architecture, construction, and development experience will continue to enable him to bring perspective, knowledge and understanding into the position of Trustee.  


Village Trustee Elections

Title: Village Trustee

Openings: 3 (three)

Governing Body: Winnetka Village Council

Election Date:  March 20, 2018

Term: May 01, 2018 to April 30, 2020


The Village Council serves as the legislative body of the Village, incorporating input from Village citizens into its decisions.  The Trustee shall be responsible for duties listed in the Winnetka Village Code including but not limited to advising and consenting on appointments of Village officers and agents, supervising village operations, finances, taxes, and reviewing applications for business licenses, and zoning. This is a part time to full time commitment and without compensation (volunteer). 

 WCC Slating Process

Each year, WCC slates qualified candidates for any open positions on the four Village boards by carefully reviewing each of the applicant’s written responses to the application, in person interview, references and background check. The approved slate of candidates is then presented to the full caucus for final approval at the Annual Town Meeting in the fall.  WCC then supports the slated candidates in the upcoming election.

Thank you for your support of the Winnetka Caucus Council and this important nomination process.  Please feel free to contact the Village Candidates Committee chair with any questions.

Jack Snyder, Village Candidates Committee Chair





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2015 marked the 100-year anniversary

The Winnetka Caucus

What is The Winnetka Caucus?

The Winnetka Caucus system, a non-partisan democratic system, was founded in 1915, to gather and apply resident input to the Village, Parks, Schools, and Library districts. All voting-age residents of theVillage of Winnetka are members of the Caucus. 

What is the Winnetka Caucus Council?

The Winnetka Caucus Council (WCC) is the representative body of the Winnetka Caucus, comprised of volunteers from our community.

It is the primary conduit for all residents to express their opinions through brief surveys on pending Village policy decisions, and a broad annual survey on important Village issues.

Survey results and public comments are reported to the local governing Boards – Village Council, Parks, Schools, Library, and New Trier High School.

How does the Winnetka Caucus Council interface with the Winnetka Caucus?

The WCC hosts two annual town meetings. At the Spring Open Meeting, local Board Presidents report on current issues and progress with Caucus Platform implementation. At the Annual Town Meeting, candidates for local office are vetted and slated for election, and survey platforms are discussed and approved.

Who Serves on the Winnetka Caucus Council?

The WCC is comprised of up to 68 volunteer Members from our community. Each Member serves a term of up to 3 years in duration. Any voting-age resident who has lived in Winnetka for over 1 year, or lives within the Winnetka Park District or Winnetka-Northfield Library District, is eligible to serve. Terms are staggered in order to continually bring in fresh ideas and talents while retaining a degree of continuity. If you wish to serve on the WCC, please let us know by visiting our website at www.winnetkacaucus.org.


 The Winnetka Caucus Council operates exclusively from the generous donations of Winnetka residents – no tax dollars are spent!

Please consider making a gift of $100 or more to support this outstanding grassroots tradition that gives us all a voice in Village civic matters. To make an online donation, please visit our homepage and click the Donate button in the top left-hand corner.

Or, send your check to: Winnetka Caucus Council, PO Box 311, Winnetka, Il 60093.

 Thank you for your support!