Caucus Calendar

2014 Calendar: Full Winnetka Caucus Calendar

Our calendar will be updated throughout the year as additional meetings and communications are planned.


Caucus Executive Committee:

May 19, Community House @ 7pm

June 16, Community House @ 7pm

July 21, Community House @ 7pm

August 18, Community House @ 7pm

Spring Town Hall Meeting

May 14, Skokie School @ 7:30pm

Spring Town Hall Meeting - May 14, 2014

Please join the Caucus for our annual Spring Town Hall Meeting.

Date: May 14, 2014

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Skokie School.  520 Glendale Avenue.

This is your opporunity to learn about the Caucus and recieve updates on the work that the Caucus has been undertaking. 


Interested in joining the Winnetka Caucus Council?

There will be openings to volunteer in all districts for 2014.  Click here to fill out a Membership Form:


The deadline to be eligible to serve on the Officer Selection Committee or the Executive Committee has passed.  However, if you are interested in serving on the 2014 council, please complete a membership form as there may be vacancies in  your district.  

Please contact with any questions.

2013 Survey Results and Platforms

To review the survey and platforms please click on the respective link:

Survey Results

The Caucus Platforms