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Monday March 9th, Winnetka Community House @ 7pm



Welcome to the 2015 Winnetka Caucus Council!

The Winnetka Caucus Council has been, and continues to be, the primary conduit for resident input without spending your tax dollars.  Our work is voluntary and funded through private donations.  Our slogan from days of old, “In Winnetka, you have a voice…Use it,” is even more relevant today.  The 2014 Citizen Referendum regarding the $34M stormwater tunnel to Lake Michigan, Post Office site redevelopment and overall “Main Street” revitalization, continue to be some of the most talked about topics in town.  We want to hear from you on these and other issues.

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are important to us.  Better yet, join us!  Click the link to the left and sign up. This is a great opportunity to exercise your civic-minded interest, meet new neighbors, and serve your community as we look for residents to lead our local governing boards and survey the community on current concerns.

This outstanding grassroots institution continues to stand the test of time as the most unique, non-partisan, participatory form of self-government ever seen.

Best wishes in this New Year and hope to see you soon!

The membership of the 2015 Winnetka Caucus Council can found by clicking on the links in the right panel.

Tom Flocco & Jessica Tucker, 2015 Executive Council Co-Chairs

2015 Winnetka Caucus Council Electronic Surveys

The Winnetka Caucus Council (WCC) is celebrating 100 years of service in finding candidates for our local governing boards and in conveying your thoughts and concerns to those local boards.  We want to hear from you! 

Last year the WCC piloted an electronic survey.  The first survey asked about proposed Village Commercial Zoning changes  There were almost 500 responses, thank you to everyone who participated. Please click on the link to see the summary results 

Final Electronic Zoning Survey Results  

To see the Individual comments from this survey click on the link

 Village Comments from Zoning Survey.

Further electronic surveys will be posted here later in the year.

If you have suggestions for survey questions please click on the following link: Survey Suggestions